Eco Boutique
              "Fashion for the 
                 Starving Artist" 

                                   Style..Trends….Who sets them?
  Now is the time to discover YOU!


NOW OPEN-Lafayette CA

The Nonconformist Eco Boutique is happy to open it’s doors in the heart of Lafayette! The NC is designed for environmentally conscious, frugal consumers!  Perfect for Lafayette, California!



The Shopping Experience!

The NC carries an eclectic variety of styles including but not limited to; Vintage, Retro, Urban, Athletic, Contemporary and Ethnic.

We carry clothing, belts, purses, shoes and jewelry.  We focus LESS on brand and more on quality, condition, texture and uniqueness.  Some items are new, others imported, handmade, redesigned and used!  You will find everything from Paris Couture to handmade knits from the 70’s!

We carry ladies, tweens and men’s clothing and accessories.

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